Do I really have to work in that hot, noisy place I call a Home Office?

frog-1339892_1920I was thinking about moving my office out of the bedroom it was in and into my bedroom. My bedroom is emptier without my spouse. Then it dawned on me,  I would be moving all the computers into my Master bedroom.  These computers require a fan blowing in from the hallway to make the temperature in the current location even half way comfortable.  Those fans and the heat that my several computers create make for uncomfortable room companions.

This last weekend my son and I had moved a now empty chest of drawers from my bedroom to my daughter’s bedroom leaving a slightly larger than typing table sized nook in my bedroom.

I have a typing table (read computer stand) in my office that I use off and on for my Chromebook and Laptops.  I even have a refurbished laptop that could sit on it, by itself with no other accessories.

So a few minutes ago I moved the table, my computer bag with laptop and my office chair (the most comfortable chair I own besides my recliner) into my bedroom.  It’s cooler, quieter and maybe I can get more work done in here.  I hope.

This fall is shaping up to be a very busy one as I try to relaunch being a solo Infopreneur, become a Certified Grant (proposal) Writer, learn some other newer skills and burnish some knowledge to be the basis for the aforesaid Infopreneur products.  And I am working part-time at a call center.

Besides, I want to start graduate school in January.

I think the only thing I may need to go out and buy is another plastic mat to protect my bedroom carpet.

I think my home office has been tentatively renamed “the server room.”  And I now have a new office nook (besides the public library).

So far, so good. 🙂




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