Grant (Proposal) Writer Certification Course

background-2152608_1920As part of my (unending) quest to learn to write better I have enrolled in an 8 week non-credit course on how to write (service) grants.  Once I pass this certification I want to see if I can find a Research Grant certification course.

The reason this is called a certification course is you have to pass a test at the end of it to receive the certificate.  You still get the materials, training etc. even if you don’t pass the test.

This is an online course with a published book, online videos, downloadable syllabus and a private discussion group.

The teacher is a long time grant writer, researcher and Professor (PhD) at the University.

This course covers the Why, What, When, Where and How to’s with theory, specific examples and commentary on why a particular example was good, so-so or even awful.  Part of the Lab work includes writing a grant from scratch.

The classmates I have range from active grant writers to members of community groups to career changers who are looking to add this skill to pursue after winding up their first career.

I am currently starting my 2nd week.  I expect I will revisit this topic after I get through the course.



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