It’s getting towards Fall


It is getting towards “Fall” in more ways than one.

It’s September.  My Wife has died.  I am well past 60.  And I am “semi-retired.”

In various songs there is a mention of the “September” of your years.  But that seems to assume that you are in full decline.  Given the way gerontology seems to be going and given many “Knowledge Worker” jobs.  Being 60 (or 67) isn’t nearly as strong an indicator of being physically debilitated as if you were any kind of skilled blue collar (eg. Licensed Plumber) or blue collar worker (Production Line) worker.

Peter Drucker, a Management GURU, has argued that if a job/career is not debilitating there is no reason to stop at 65 and every reason to continue for as long as you can.  More than half the books he wrote were after he turned 65.  He passed someplace north of 93 years while still actively teaching.  There are many books on the subject of “Now that I am 50” or “2nd Career” or similar subject/title descriptions dealing with the fact that retiring at 60-65 no longer makes sense for many, many people (but not all people).

My Wife has died.  She died on April 18, 2017.  We were married in 1971.  You are bereaved and there is a giant hole in you life where they were, especially if you were the primary caretaker at the end.  And when you have no property to speak off, much less a last will and testament there is all the messiness left over.  I still break down and cry at random.  I have been to one bereavement workshop.  I may go to some more.

I am Semi-retired.  (pun intended) I applied for early Social Security benefits because I was struggling to find a job I could do that didn’t involve driving a Semi-Tractor Trailer.  The benefits were not quite enough to take care of my full costs of living but they reduced my need for a full-time job to most anything that was part-time.







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