Donald Trump is keeping his promise

Candidate Trump promised to “shake up Washington”.  We now understand that this is not a policy decision it is how Donald Trump has been operating for perhaps his whole life.  His management style both generates chaos and thrives on the chaos that he generates.

Don’t get me wrong.  If Donald Trump was nothing but Chaos then he couldn’t have succeeded at all.  Don’t believe me?  Consider the chaos of the severely mentally ill.  Do they even look sorta like they are commercially successful?  They do have chaos ridden lives but they don’t appear to become even sort of commercially successful.

That said, is Donald Trump either good for the country or even the Republican party?  I can’t offer an opinion about the long run but in the short run he sure makes a lot of people uncomfortable (including a lot of establishment Republicans).

Maybe Donald Trump will create a movement for change.  In countries like France and Israel there are two top offices.  The President which is a largely Ceremonial post (except when De Gaulle was President in France) and the Prime Minister which does the nitty gritty of policy and governing.  This would require, I think, a constitutional convention but many people have been howling for one anyway.  So this would kill several birds with one stone.

If we are going to have a constitutional convention maybe we could also tackle the consolidation of the arms forces of the US into say two branches,  Land and non-Land forces (eg. Sea, Air, Space, Coast Guard).  We could have various flavors of the Marines and the Navy.  Each sub-division would still have its own specific mission just like the Special Forces do now.



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